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Finding the perfect photographer for you & your wedding is a big deal (well, we think it is, anyway!) and you probably have a lot of questions. Here are a few we can get out of the way for you ahead of time.

  • How will your experience help you photograph my wedding?
    We've been covering weddings together for eleven years now, and if we haven't seen it all... we've seen a lot! We're extremely comfortable with the flow of wedding days and are able to anticipate when things are going to happen (and therefore, where we need to be at any given time). Because we're experienced, you don't have to worry about us missing a critical moment; we'll be right there. So take a deep breath, and just enjoy your wedding day!
  • I don’t like stiff and “posed” pictures. How do you avoid those?
    We don't like those either. Our style is spontaneous and intimate, and we achieve that by just having fun with you guys. :) We will provide direction while we’re photographing the bridal portraits and for your engagement session, but you’ll find that the most natural-looking photographs come while you’re laughing at yourselves or in between a kiss – and those are the moments that we love to facilitate!
  • We’re pretty shy, and I’m afraid we’ll look awkward in our pictures. How can you help us with that?"
    First of all, don’t worry! Take a deep breath and relax. If you need to get a drink before we start, we’re all for that! ;) But seriously – most people don’t love getting their picture taken, and we totally understand. We make things fun and comfortable from the get-go, so even if you start off nervous and shy, by the end we’ll be laughing together and you’ll forget that we even have cameras! This is part of the reason that we do engagement sessions with all of our weddings; we want you to be able to relax and get to know us before the wedding, and to realize that it won’t be so awkward getting your picture taken. That way, by the time it comes to the wedding day, you’re not even thinking about it!
  • What’s your approach to photographing the ceremony?
    For the ceremony, our role is to creatively capture not only the rituals and moments that are happening but also the emotions that are enveloped within them. We try to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, staying low and moving slowly so as not to distract your guests’ attention. We’re really good at hiding behind planters and arches. ;)
  • Do you use flash during the ceremony?
    No; we think that flash during a ceremony is extremely distracting. Our cameras are fully capable of operating in low light situations, so you have no worries there.
  • What do you wear to a wedding?
    We typically wear black pants and dark tops; however, for outdoor summer weddings, Kevin will wear tan or khaki dress slacks and Karlyn might wear a skirt or capri slacks. We’ll talk with you if your wedding is either extremely casual or extremely formal so that you’ll be able to tell us ahead of time if you have preferences on what we wear.
  • How far in advance should I book you? Can you hold my date?
    We start booking weddings typically 6-12 months in advance, and our policy is to hold dates once we have a contract and deposit in hand.
  • Will you personally be my photographer?
    Yes. The two of us are the entire team here, so we're the ones you'll be stuck with ALL DAY!
  • Do you have backup equipment?
    Yes. Backup camera bodies, lenses, batteries, cards, flashes... we're covered.
  • Do you carry liability insurance?
  • How many weddings will you book in a day or weekend?
    We will never book more than one wedding a day; we're available to you all day long. We do have availability to book two weddings in a weekend, so if you'd like us for more than one day please let us know so we can give you a full-weekend quote.
  • What happens if you’re sick and can’t photograph my wedding?
    Here's a secret: you'll never know it if we're sick. ;) We do our best to stay healthy, but if we do happen to get the sniffles or even the flu on your wedding day - well, that's what they make medicine for. We WILL NOT miss your wedding because we're sick. Period. Now, on a related note: if we (God forbid) had some horrible accident and broke every bone in our bodies the day before your wedding, that would probably pose an issue. In that case, we are connected to several groups of local photographers as well as a huge membership of national photographers, so we would be able to help you find another photographer to cover for us that still fit your style. ...Not that anything like that will EVER happen!!
  • What do you charge for destination weddings?
    That depends: are you getting married in Hawaii or in Ireland? Every destination wedding is different, which requires that we talk with you a little more and give you a custom quote. We try to keep travel fees minimal and we'll provide you with an itemized list so you can see exactly what is going into the quote.
  • How many hours do I need you for on my wedding day?
    At your initial consultation, we'll go through the schedule of the day with you (if you don't have one yet, don't worry - we can help you talk through what you want) so you'll know how many hours of coverage you're likely to need.
  • What other fees do you have? Do you charge travel fees?
    There are no "hidden fees" in our prices that you'll ever be surprised with. If your wedding or engagement session requires travel fees, we'll let you know up front and will give you a quote for how much that would be. Typically, we only charge travel fees for weddings that are beyond the Bellingham - Seattle area. Taxes on Wedding Packages are around 9%.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    For an 8 hour wedding, depending on the schedule of your day, typically you'll receive around 400-500 final images.
  • How will my images be delivered?
    Your edited images from both your engagement session and your wedding day will be delivered on a custom USB drive with a copyright release that will allow you to print your photos up to size 8x10. We really encourage you not to keep your memories locked up in the computer! That’s why we offer professional services to help you decide what art pieces will be best for displaying your images. We want to help you work with your own personal taste and budget in determining what is worth investing in.
  • I have some ideas that I’d like to make sure we get. Will you do them for me?
    If you have any specific poses that you’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest or wherever, just make sure to email them to me or put them in a file that I can access before the wedding day and we will do our best to re-create them during your portrait time. That being said, after you’ve spent hours looking for just the right photographer and you’ve decided that you love our work – trust that you made the right decision! Let our creativity take over and I promise that you’ll love the results. :)
  • Do you allow other people to take pictures during the wedding?
    We really aren't concerned about Uncle Bob snapping shots all day long because he just can't help himself. The only time that we don't allow other cameras is when we're taking the bridal portraits of you & your party, because it's extremely distracting to have anyone else trying to take shots during that time. Also, during the formal family photos, it will take twice as long if everyone is trying to get a copy of the shot on their own cameras; please assure Grandpa that he can have copies of the professional photos so he doesn't need to worry about getting them himself. ;)
  • Do you edit all the photos I get?
    Yes. Every single photo that you receive I have personally selected and edited for you.
  • Can you make me ten pounds skinnier?? Can you make my acne go away??
    I can do anything you want. ;) Your initial images will be edited for color and contrast, and if you have one or two zits that popped up the night before, I will make them disappear. If you’d like any extensive editing (removing a person from a family photo, touching up chronic acne, loosing ten pounds, changing the color of the groomsmen’s tie who was given the wrong one at the last minute) I can do pretty nearly anything; however, there will be additional editing charges.
  • Can I put my images on my Facebook or blog?
    Absolutely! On your final USB there will be a folder titled "optimized for web," and those files are all sized and ready to be uploaded online. Feel free to show them off!
  • Can I see every single shot that you take from the entire day?
    There are several reasons that we don’t do this. First: the files that we take in-camera are a file type that can only be opened by professional editing software, so most likely you wouldn’t be able to view them on your home computer. Second: we don’t limit the number of images that you receive. The only ones that I pull out are the ones that are either blurry, or someone is blinking or talking, or if we took five shots of the same thing I’ll just give you the best one or two. And third: you’ve hired me to do the boring work for you! I’m very experienced in going through wedding images and sorting the bad ones out quickly; what takes me a few hours would take you days, so trust me to do that part for you.
  • Why don’t you provide unedited images for me to play around with on my own?
    First, because we want you to have the absolute best result that we can give you. I make sure that every image you receive has been edited to my own personal satisfaction. Secondly, every image that leaves my computer represents Anda Photography; we’re extremely committed to making sure that we can stand behind every image as being consistent with our style and quality of work. Each image that’s posted online or shown to your family & friends becomes a “business card” for us, and I want to make sure that they see only Anda Photography’s work in those images. To that end, we can’t allow someone else to edit the work that we’ve done; not only would that violate copyright laws, but we wouldn’t be able to make sure that every image has the consistent style and professional quality that we strive for every time.

Got it !

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