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Meet Us

Oh hey! Come on in. Welcome to our world. 

We are Karlyn & Kevin, the husband-wife team behind Anda Photography, photographing weddings together in the Seattle and Whatcom County areas since 2006. We met while camping with our families waaaay back in the pre-teen years, and once upon a time (long after that) we accidentally fell in love. Eleven years and two kids later, here we are! 

Together we exclusively shoot weddings, which is where our passion comes alive. From Bellingham weddings to Seattle weddings to destination weddings - we do it all, and we love every minute. "Anda" means "spirit" in Swedish, which is exactly what excites us so much about love and weddings: the depth, the spark, the eager wild joy. Our desire for you is to experience an authentic, comfortable wedding day documented candidly and with torrents of unabashed laughter.  We want to tell YOUR story.

Lifestyle wedding photography aims to simply showcase your life through creative imagery. Our photojournalistic style is intimate, reflective and joyful. We ask each of our couples to join us for an engagement session purely so we can hang out, get to know each other and discover that particular spark you have together. We want to get to know who you are and then showcase that spirit to the waiting world.

What about us? Together we love long walks, goofing off with our kids, camping, snowboarding, a good drink, and inappropriate jokes. Kevin is the witty one, Karlyn is the quiet one; he remembers everything she forgets, she'll organize everything he remembers; he plans things out, she makes it up on the fly; he reads the news, she reads novels; he talks, she writes; he keeps reality firmly in hand while she dreams as high as the clouds.

Twelve things Karlyn loves:


- Fruit

- All the chocolate
- Babies

- Kevin's curly hair

- Singing in the car

- Making the kids belly laugh

- Cooking

- Stupid funny movies

- Seinfeld

- Hoodies

- Running at sunrise
   (like that ever happens)
- Sleep

Twelve things Kevin loves:


- Vegetables

- Brewing beer

- Playing basketball

- Wrestling with the kiddos

- Laughing at fart jokes

- Little kids

- Karlyn's giggle

- Brownies

- Poker with friends

- Simpsons... the old stuff

- Pick-up hockey games

- Cooking


"When I looked into your eyes I didn't see just you.  I saw my today, my tomorrow, and my future for the rest of my life..."


Let's talk

1316 King St Ste 3
Bellingham, WA 98229



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